Our clients

The following is a sample of our valued and supportive clients. We recognize each one of our clients for choosing to have trust in our services and allowing us to build great relationships with them while keeping our core values strong. From everyone at Hawkeye Line Locators we thank you.

I wanted to take a minute to recognize Hawkeye Line Locators for great service to ELM over the last 15 months while working with us on the Paramount Hawkeye Abandonment & Decommissioning project. Over the course of the project, we’ve had Hawkeye out to complete locates on approx. 130 sites as part of ground disturbance requirements. With Hawkeye’s help we’ve had no ground disturbance incidents. Thanks to the team at Hawkeye for your contributions to a safe and efficient project so far!

– Jason Schroeder
Director, Liability Management to ELM Inc

From the owners to the people on the ground, Hawkeye Line Locators is a good, solid and dependable company. Since 2015 I have had an impeccable relationship with Hawkeye and trust that the work they do is consistently of the highest quality.

– Randy LaRose
Oil Field Consultant

Hawkeye Line Locators have been working for Bonavista Energy Corporation for the past ten years. During this time Hawkeye has demonstrated to be an honest and trustworthy company who takes pride in quality workmanship. Their line locators are skilled, efficient, and willing to get the job done in a timely manner. Bonavista Energy Corporation will continue to work with Hawkeye Line Locators for excellent results.

– James Brake
Bonavista Energy Corporation

Access Pipeline has used Hawkeye Line Locators since 2008. Hawkeye has helped us manage Alberta One Calls, conduct locates for our integrity digs and has completed many locates and sweeps on the Access Pipeline ROW and within our facilities. I have always found Hawkeye personnel to be diligent and very safety conscious. They seem to have the right culture of safety and customer service. I have been working with Jonathan since 2008, he has been a great representative for Hawkeye and truly understand the needs of a pipeline company. I would recommend Hawkeye Line Locators to any of my peers in industry.

– Morgan Alexander
Access Pipeline

Hawkeye Line Locators has been serving Anderson Energy Ltd. For the past 6 years. They represent us province wide in all aspects of Alberta-One-Call. They are very current with all information pertaining to regulatory issues. We have not had any incidents to date, and are very pleased with the response times and their professionalism in the way they conduct the work.

– Karen Turner
Anderson Energy Ltd.

Hawkeye Line Locators have been serving Bonavista Energy Corporation for the past 7 years. They have provided services to us throughout the corporation on all aspects of Alberta One Call. Hawkeye has worked with us responding to our requests, response times all in a timely manner and conduct their work with no issues. They are current with information pertaining to regulatory issues and have assisted us in a challenging work environment safely and productively. I would highly recommend Hawkeye Line Locators Inc. to any other industry counterparts as a reliable, safe and diligent company for any line locating requirement.

– Eleanor Vokes
Bonavista Energy Corporation

Hawkeye Line Locators Inc. has recently completed work for Ledcor Pipeline Limited on the 2014 Enbridge Integrity Dig program on Line 21 in the Northwest Territories. They successfully met all of the requirements of the agreement and worked in a challenging environment productively and most importantly, safely. I have no reservations recommending Hawkeye Line Locators Inc. as a safe and diligent option for any line locating requirement.

– Curtis Berube
Ledcor Pipeline Limited

Hawkeye Line Locating has provided services to Pembina Pipeline services over the last 8 years throughout Northern Alberta and North east British Columbia. We have had Hawkeye provide One call back up along with line locating services to major projects at our pumping facilities along with pipeline locates in all of our operating areas. Hawkeye has provided assistance with mapping and layout of dig programs which aided in providing timely and accurate information so important when these programs are planned and executed. When considering service in our locating needs in respect to safety, accuracy, availability, and costs Hawkeye is a leader in these areas which has always been our experience with them. I highly recommend their services.

– Darrell Babkirk
Pembina Pipeline

Hawkeye Line Locators has provided a variety of services to us over the years. Services such as staking dig site locations using sub meter GPS equipment to sweeping them for buried facilities to responding to Alberta One Call locate requests on our behalf. I can say with confidence that all services rendered were of high caliber with diligence, good communications, and high value for reasonable costs. Any requests for assistance or explanation were met with quality responses. Any direction given was met with consistent implementation. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hawkeye to any other industry counterparts.

– Marc Duguay
Pembina Pipeline