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Line Locating

We have set up local field offices throughout Canada, chances are, if you have a project, we are not far away!

Hawkeye has set up a unique way of having remote crews, therefore all areas become more accessible. We then combine this with cost sharing as much as possible. What cost sharing is, is a shared expense of travel when we are in the area. This way we can decrease travel cost and assure you are being billed more directly for time on site.

Safety is our #1 priority.


Hawkeye has set up direct routes where we can automatically receive all inspections directly to us to help free up time for you. This can be done through us handling your One calls and or just solely based on circumstantial needs.

This is backed by our highly skilled staff that can help customize anything to your specific needs.

One Call Screening and Line Locating

Hawkeye Line Locators is experiencing an expansion of our client base and the continuous development of procedures and techniques regarding our FREE One Call screening. In addition, this has led to our availability with Ground Disturbance Packages, One Call management, Agreement Drafting and Land Services.

As a company our goals are simple keep our clients happy and our crews working. So we offer 100% free One Call screening. Anything that is not sent to the field will not be charged to you but will still be completed to a high standard. We strive to maintain a 70.5% clearance ratio. Our FREE one call screening is matched with a lower line locating rate for anything sent to the field once approved by your area representatives.

One Call Management

Hawkeye has been assisting numerous pipeline and power pole clients with one call management.

This is structured to help allow you the time to focus on more important things for you. We can place, track, organize and maintain all one call data. We can also help to arrange with meeting clients on site and of course provide all of your projects line locating needs.

PROJECT PLANNING. START TO FINISH. Discounts & special pricing for multiple service use


Our Eastern Canada division has been up and running since 2014. We have an office established in Halifax and are growing each day. We are proud to be helping with the growth of the databases as well as offering our long-term experience in any way we can. Hawkeye is a member of Atlantic Dig Safe and are actively promoting ground disturbance awareness and use of the system. You can utilize our services across The Maritimes.


Thanks to the continued support of our valued clients, we have been able to branch out across Canada. It’s also a thanks to our new and future clients throughout the Maritimes and Eastern Canada to put trust in our work and allow us the opportunity to share our abilities with them. We look forward to continuing to grow in knowledge and services to help with all things ground disturbance. Please feel free to reach out to our experienced team in the area and we would be happy to answer any questions.